Episode 2 - Money Girls

In "New York", we follow Carole and Annie thru the agencies and Leomie thru the catwalk shows.  Back in London staff relations are becoming strained...

In the second episode, 'Money Girls', Carole and Head of New Faces, Annie are in New York, meeting agencies to find out who the new, hottest models are.  There, they will negotiate and 'trade' some of their own models to have the best girls from New York on Premier's books, and have them flown in for London Fashion Week.

Show season is beginning to take its toll, and Annie and Carole are under pressure to bring back commercial girls, during a time when all their energies need to be focused on getting the top editorial "show" girls for the upcoming fashion weeks.

Leomie, one of Premier's rising stars, is also followed thorugh New York, as she goes from casting to catwalk, landing some of the biggest shows for NY Fashion Week, and beginning to realise her incredible potential.

Back at Premier, the cameras capture the tension between commercial booker John, his fellow editorial bookers, and his boss.  Issues are arising around whether the editorial, more high-end and prestige bookings taking precedence over the less edgy, but much more lucrative side of the agency.  Carole and Annie return to prepare for London Fashion Week and go over which New York girls will be managed by which bookers.  They have found a selection of commercial "money girls" for John, but there is no guarantee he will find them suitable.

As the agency winds down for the day, one of John's money girls drops by and there are concerns that she's not looking curvy enough. John and Carole quickly prepare to address the issue - for very skinny girls do not stay money girls for long.

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