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In "Tough Decisions", Premier must decide which models to drop. New girls Abbie and India-Madeleine face some home truths, and boss Carole White talks candidly about the Charles Taylor trial and her relationship with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In the final episode of the series, "Tough Decisions" are being made as the agency decides to drop some of the models currently on its books. New girls Abbie and India-Madeleine face some home truths, and boss Carole White talks candidly about the Hague trial of Charles Taylor and her relationship with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In summer 2010, Carole volunteered as a witness in the trial of the former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor. Footage of her seven-hour cross-examination is intercut with Carole's reflections on the experience and interviews with the Premier bookers who were drawn into the case after Annie posted photos of a "Blood Diamonds Party" held at the agency on Facebook. Chris, Carole and Sissytalk about the impact that Naomi Campbell had on their business and personal lives: a relationship that has ended in a commercial dispute. Carole visits her lawyer in preparation for the court case. 

New face Abbie Golledge is struggling to find work and visits Annie to discuss her options. The ambition is for her to become a show girl, but at 5' 9" she's still considered too short for the catwalk and has difficulty walking in high heels. At the show castings, Abbie finds the reality of modelling tough: long queues of girls and a boring wait are the opposite of glamour, and she's becoming disillusioned by the rejections.

Meanwhile, walk-in India-Madeleine makes a strong impression. New girls have to be snapped up quickly before other model scouts move in. But being signed is just the first step; both Abbie and India-Madeleine will need to work hard, deal with criticism about their appearance, and invest time and money if they want to make it in the business. 

As new models are brought in to the agency, Carole decides to call time on some of the models who've been less successful. It's a harsh process and for many of the girls this will be the end of their career with Premier. Tensions rise as the bookers defend their girls; Sissy attacks Carole for her ruthless attitude, while Carole is quick to remind them that this is a business and she's not prepared to keep girls on the books who aren't delivering.