Episode 4 - Boy Trouble

In "Boy trouble", commercial booker John returns to the office to talk it out with his bosses. Meanwhile, it's Men's Day in London Fashion Week and the pressure shifts over to the Men's Division...

After last week's showdown between Carole and Chris over commercial booker John's walkout, John returns to the office in the fourth programme, "Boy Trouble", to talk it out with his bosses - but not without more upset, misunderstanding and a well needed tête-à-tête down the local to get to the bottom of the problem.

Meanwhile, it's Men's Day in London Fashion Week, and the pressure shifts over to the Men's Division - Christophe and Sadaf. The boys, as they explain in their interviews, are often less confident than the girls, and as well as handling them through hangovers and relationship breakdowns, Christophe and Sadaf spend their days chivvying and encouraging their handsome, but typically teenage, male models out to castings and shows.

One model in particular causes a crisis for Sadaf when he fails to arrive until 10 minutes before a catwalk is due to begin, leaving her panicked and red-faced on the phone to the organisers. Sadaf takes him to task for his lack of commitment and they have a frank discussion about whether he wants to continue his career as a model when he reveals he struggles to deal with the rejection he faces every day as a model.

Carole and the main table carry on with business as usual - from John settling back in and preparing for a big client's celebrity charity ball, to Paul wearing a net Dior suit bag on his head while on the phones, and the bookers jibe Carole that she doesn't like giving praise: as she admits, "I always want more".


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