Abbie Golledge

Abbie is 18 and comes from Essex. She has recently completed school and is now modelling full time.

When and where were you discovered?
Me and my mum walked into the agency when I was 14 and I've modelled with Premier ever since!

Your tip on how to get started in modelling?
Just GO FOR IT and walk into an agency, even if it's just for some advice. What's the worst that could happen? Don't keep putting it off, as you might be missing out on an amazing opportunity!

What is your catwalk tip?
Try to lengthen your stride. This will make your legs appear elongated and elegant.


  • Age : 18
  • Home : Essex
  • Height : 5"9.5
  • Bust : 32
  • Waist : 24
  • Hips : 32
  • Hair : Brown
  • Eyes : Hazel


"If you're disappointed that you didn't get the job, always remember that another one is just around the corner..."