This 17 year-old pizza-lover from London has already opened a Loewe show, and appeared in Italian Vogue and Dazed & Confused.

When and where were you discovered?
When I was coming home from school, my friends noticed a man staring at me.  I ran away, but he came back the following day!  By then, I thought he was stalking me, so I was a bit apprehensive when he finally approached me.  He gave me a card for Premier and I was excited, but I still never called until a month or two later, when another booker from Premier approached me; I thought it must be fate so I finally called!

Your favourite photographer?
Steven Meisel and Nick Knight

Best part about modelling?
I love doing shoots where the photographer lets me be creative and have my own spin on their story.


  • Age : 17
  • Home : London
  • Height : 5'10"
  • Bust : 32
  • Waist : 24
  • Hips : 35
  • Hair : Black
  • Eyes : Brown


"Be confident and unique. Don't try and imitate others! Yes, you should be inspired by other models, but you should never try and become them - be the next YOU, not the next Naomi!"


Ciao Bella

Today we toast again to our lovely Leomie who currently is rocking the new issue of Vogue Italia! Shot with other cool-as kids we can't express how much we love this editorial. So fresh, edgy and fabulous we have no words.

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