Annette is a Commercial Booker and "Instigator of Eating" at Premier.

How did you get into the modelling industry?
I was encouraged by a friend in the industry that this was the job for me!

Your all-time favourite model, and why?
Its a hard question because I think a model's look evolves over time, I have a favourite period of time with a lot of models, but that's not to say that one is always my favourite. Hmmm, if I must choose then I'd say Helena Christensen, she is an outstanding example of an amazing commercial girl. The Danish/Peruvian mix is a perfect one!

Best thing about the modelling industry?
The people make it special for me, it's nice to be around such a diverse group of individuals. It takes a lot of people to create a great model! 

Wost thing about the modelling industry?
Not being able to buy absolutely every single piece of clothing and pair of shoes I see in the magazines :-)


  • Age : 31
  • Home : Wegberg, Germany
  • Star Sign : Gemini


"Enjoy yourself! A frown will give you wrinkles! Ha ha ha..."