Christophe Sanchez-Vahle

Christophe is Head of the Men's Division at Premier.

How did you get into the modelling industry?
I was recommended becoming an agent by a friend of mine after he invited me to Paris Fashion Week one season. I speak several languages, knew lots of people in the industry already and enjoyed fashion and beautiful things. It was a logical fit!

Your all-time favourite model, and why?
Christy Turlington, because she is classically eternal….

Best thing about the modelling industry?
The crazy, creative, beautiful and impulsive people are what make the fashion industry so fun. You never know what to expect in this industry or who you might meet from one day to the next!

Worst thing about the modelling industry?
The inability to plan your own life as you are so pre-occupied planning your models' lives.


  • Age : Older than Justin Bieber... ...but younger than Madonna.
  • Home : Paris, France
  • Star Sign : Aries/Taurus


"Treat your body and face as tools of the trade - look after them and they will look after you…"