Paul Hunt

Paul is Head of Special Bookings.

How did you get into the modelling industry?
I used to work in a hair salon where all the models and bookers came and had their hair done.  I then heard of a job coming up on reception at (as it was then) Elite Premier - so I became Annie-Lou!

Your all-time favourite model, and why?
Carole White

Best thing about the modelling industry?
The massive mix of people from all different walks of life and areas of the world you meet and work with.

Worst thing about the modelling industry?
I dislike the flak it continually receives.  I think it is an easy industry to pick on and can appear frivolous and uncaring, when actually there are a lot of good people in it!


  • Age : 36
  • Home : Nottingham
  • Star Sign : Aquarius