Episode 3 - Tired and Emotional

In "Tired and Emotional", tensions are mounting as the pressure of London Fashon Week and sleep-deprivation take their toll...

Madness has set in with episode 3, "Tired and Emotional", as the agency faces long hours during London Fashion Week, and the bookers become increasingly tired and sensitive. Tensions are rising between the editorial bookers who have Fashion Week to contend with, and commercial booker John, who doesn't work on the shows. Sleep-deprivation is clearly taking its toll as the staff resort to comparing their own head measurements to get through a long evening.

The gruelling schedule of castings, fittings and shows is affecting the models too. Top Australian model and showgirl, Julia Nobis arrives at the office for the London shows, already exhausted from New York Fashion Week. Julia has had no sleep and it's the agency's job to encourage her to rest and eat, as she works through an incredibly successful week, getting booked on more and more shows.

Meanwhile, things are kicking off amongst the agency staff, as commercial booker John walks out of the office in frustration. The atmosphere continues to heat up as the agency bosses, brother and sister Chris and Carole, get into discussions on how to deal with his absence.

John's friend and fellow booker, Sophie, tries to smooth the situation between John and Carole but before long, exhausted from a week of long and stressful days, an explosive row erupts between Chris and Carole over how they should deal with John.

With the agency at the height of Show Season - frenzied with models, bookings, and late nights - show-downs in the office are proving the ultimate test for Premier.


  1. Gumbo says...
    Thursday, March 10, 2011 10:54:27 AM

    Loved last night's episode.... "don't talk to me like that" brilliant!

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