Sebastian Sauve

Sebastian comes from Leamington Spa and would like to be photographed by David LaChappelle, Annie Liebowitz and... his mum!

When and where were you discovered?
I was in the jungle in Cambodia, when I came across a secret passageway that led into an alternative world with mythical creatures.  I saved a damsel in distress and she wanted to marry me, but I said "no thanks".  A giant gorilla came swinging off a branch and said (in an excellent radio voice) "I'm Scott, king of the jungle and I've been watching you!  You're so brave that I would like to give you this juice that will make your face look weird - but in a good way - and people will want to take pictures of you".  I said "You've got yourself a deal", and here I am...

Your favourite photographer?
Steven Klein, David LaChappelle, Annie Liebowitz and my mum.

Best part about modelling?
The travel and the free food at shoots.

To see exclusive interviews and clips of Sebastian, go to Channel 4's Unseen Video player.


  • Age : 23
  • Home : Leamington Spa
  • Height : 6'2"
  • Hair : Light Brown
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Star Sign : Leo


"For those of you that think that models don't eat, I invite you to have an eating extravaganza showdown chez moi."


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